SOCAR VELVET 98 protects and
preserves your engine.

Refuel three times with SOCAR VELVET 98*, collect three stickers and
you will receive a beach towel as a thank you gift (while stocks last).

* At least 25 litres per refuelling

SOCAR’s protection formula for all petrol engines



Protective agents in SOCAR VELVET 98 form a layer, like a second skin, to shield delicate engine parts. These cleaning additives help to prevent new deposits and keep your engine clean, so it can deliver the performance intended by the manufacturer. SOCAR’s cleaning formula for greater efficiency.*

* Compared with fuels without cleaning additives from other vendors



Our powerful cleaning additives help to remove existing engine deposits, caused by using fuel without cleaning additives.

Inlet valves and fuel injectors receive the protection they need to function correctly. Regular use of SOCAR VELVET 98 helps deliver the engine performance intended by the manufacturer.

SOCAR VELVET 98 meets a key customer demand for engine protection.



SOCAR VELVET 98 demonstrates high knock resistance from 98 octane performance. Modern engines featuring adaptive knock sensors can unlock the potential of 98 octane, thereby enhancing their performance and efficiency.

Higher octane fuel can be used in petrol engines without any concern.
Thus SOCAR VELVET 98 can fuel any car with a petrol engine.

Octane for more performance.*

* For engines with knock sensors

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Detox for your engine

Thanks to the impact of the cleaning additives, the engine starts to clean itself right from the very first refuelling with SOCAR VELVET 98. If you refuel regularly with SOCAR VELVET 98, you may expect to remove more and more deposits.

SOCAR quality fuels

We invest in top quality –
in fuels with additives

Did you know that 40% of the fuels sold on the Swiss market do not contain any cleaning additives?

Cleaning additives improve combustion performance in the engine and are recommended by vehicle manufacturers. For many years, SOCAR has invested in the use of cleaning additives in all its fuels – both unleaded petrol and diesel. SOCAR VELVET 98 contains our latest optimum formulation for engine protection.

These cleaning additives are a critical component of a high quality fuel lifting it to a higher technology class than fuel without cleaning additives.

Unlike fuels without cleaning additives sold by other vendors, all SOCAR quality fuels help to protect against further deposit formation in your engine and keep your engine clean. SOCAR’s cleaning formula for greater efficiency.*

*Compared with fuels without cleaning additives from other vendors
** For engines with knock sensors

SOCAR VELVET 98 – suitable for all petrol engines

World Wide Fuel Charter:
The fifth edition of the World Wide Fuel Charter, drawn up by the European, American and Japanese car manufacturers, recommends the use of fuels with sufficient cleaning additives.

Frequently asked questions

Can I refuel with SOCAR VELVET 98 and enjoy the benefits even though my car manual recommends only regular unleaded petrol with an octane rating of 95?

A fuel with a higher octane content can always be used without hesitation with any petrol. We recommend the uses of SOCAR VELVET 98 for all gasoline engines.

Can I mix SOCAR VELVET 98 with other fuels?

SOCAR VELVET 98 can be mixed with other types of petrol without hesitation. This is because all types of petrol sold in Switzerland comply with the fuel standard (SN EN 228).

We recommend, though, that you use SOCAR VELVET 98 regularly so that you can enjoy the full benefit of the double protection formula and permanently protect your engine from deposits.

What is SOCAR VELVET 98 and what benefits does it have?

SOCAR VELVET 98 replaces the previously marketed SOCAR 98 unleaded premium; it contains a highly effective, new double-action formula specially designed to keep clean the intake system and especially the intake valves.

  • Powerful cleaning additives ensure that existing accumulations of dirt in engines caused by refuelling with additive-free fuels are largely removed. Valves and engine components receive the care they need to keep working like they always used to. Used regularly, SOCAR VELVET 98 thus lengthens component lifetimes.
  • In addition, protective agents form a layer over the delicate parts of the engine like a second skin to prevent new deposits from forming.

Furthermore, SOCAR VELVET 98 demonstrates a high knock resistance with 98 octane. Modern engines featuring intelligent knock sensors can also unlock the potential of fuels with high octane ratings to enhance their performance and reduce their fuel consumption.

SOCAR does not have a refinery and obtains its petrol from shared storage facilities.
Why should I believe that SOCAR fuels are different?

Fuels are produced in refineries in accordance with the quality regulations defined in the SN EN228:2012 fuel standard (known as base fuels). These base fuels are available to all market participants. Every type of fuel marketed in Switzerland complies with these minimum statutory requirements.

The use of a standard quality fuel does, however, lead to the formation of deposits that contribute to polluting the most important parts in the engine (especially fuel injectors and intake valves).

For this reason, SOCAR enhances the respective base fuel for all types of fuels it markets by blending in special SOCAR cleaning additive packages, which is what yields the SOCAR-branded fuel. This happens when the tanker lorries are loaded.

Unlike fuels sold without cleaning additives, these do not leave any damaging deposits in your engine. The problems of deposits forming on fuel injectors and intake valves can be avoided by using a higher quality fuel (with additives). This helps to keep your engine clean so that it can deliver the kind of performance the manufacturer intended.

What is the meaning of the brand name VELVET? What does the product have to do with “velvet”?

The name SOCAR VELVET 98 reflects SOCAR’s high standards in terms of quality, signifies innovation and exudes a strong sense of self-reliance in the field of mobility. VELVET is distinctly smooth to the touch. It is a multi-layered fabric known for its fine surface. This surface must, however, be protected and maintained, just like the surfaces of the various engine parts. This protection and maintenance is provided by SOCAR VELVET 98.

Which brands of fuel are sold without cleaning additives?

SOCAR refines all the quality fuels it markets with cleaning additives in order to enhance their performance.

It is not compulsory to blend in additives in Switzerland, even though this is recommended by European, American and Japanese carmakers in the World Wide Fuel Charter. It is left up to the oil companies whether they blend these additives into their fuels. This depends on the corporate strategy regarding product quality and the marketplace.

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